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As a leading energy supplier, Symmetry Energy Solutions provides over one trillion cubic feet of natural gas to more than 100,000 customers in 30 states. We strive to provide our customers with energy strategies that best fit their needs to live, work and play.


Every home and business is different. So, it's essential to choose a provider that offers a variety of fixed and flexible plans that fit your needs. Symmetry Energy Solutions can help you find a plan that's best for you at a competitive price-and make the whole experience fast and easy.

Making a switch to Symmetry Energy Solutions takes just a few minutes and can be the best energy decision you make all year.

01 Fixed-Rate

Secure a consistent rate for the duration of your contract, giving you security and stability regardless pf what happens to market prices and utility rates.


02 Index Price

Choose the freedom of a rate that tracks with the market cost of gas. For example, if the index decreases, so does your rate. And, if you feel the market may increase, you can always switch to Fixed Price.


03 Managed Price

Get the most out of your energy dollar as our experts monitor the market year-round, reducing your exposure to increases in market prices and letting you take advantage of price decreases.



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Symmetry Energy Solutions provides competitively priced natural gas plans to our residential, business and agricultural customers in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska, Wyoming and California.

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From Main Street to Your Street

Symmetry Energy Solutions is a leading supplier of safe and reliable natural gas and related services for residential and small businesses across America. Our focus is on providing customized plans at competitive rates with your bottom line in mind.

Energy Choice

How your energy choice works for you

Energy deregulation means that your state allows consumer choice for natural gas suppliers through the Choice Gas program. This means that consumers have the power to choice their energy supplier, finding opportunities with competitive pricing, customized plans and more. Your gas supply, meter read and energy bill will still come from the utility, however, the natural gas line item will say Symmetry Energy Solutions.

Let Symmetry Energy Solutions help you take control of your natural gas costs and find a plan that's right for your needs - and your budget. With a ranger of easy-to-understand, value-centered plans, we're here to help you and your neighbors meet your natural gas goals.

01 The Origins of Energy Choice

Looking into the long history of natural gas can give us a greater understanding and appreciation of why the market has never been better for consumers.


02 Energy Saving Tips

Learn simple tips to save money and energy at home and on the road.


03 FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for feel free to contact us at your convenience.


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